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55 : Particulars required in a bill , invoice or cash memorandum M.P. VAT RULES


55 : Particulars required in a bill , invoice or cash memorandum  

(1)  Every registered dealer who is required under sub-section (1) of section 40 to issue a bill, invoice or a cash memorandum shall specify in the bill, invoice or cash memorandum name and style, the address of his place of business and his TIN, the particulars of goods sold, the sale price thereof, the amount of tax collected under section 9 and shall for each year serially number such bill, invoice or cash memorandum, and where the sale price is rupees one thousand or more the dealer shall enter in the bill, invoice or cash memorandum the full name and address of the buyer and his TIN, if any.
 Provided that the tax collected may not be shown separately in the sale bill, cash memorandum or invoice, where sale is made to a person other than a registered dealer.
 (2) A registered dealer who opts for composition under section 11 of the Act shall not be show the lump-sum element separately in the bills or invoice or cash memorandum issued by him to his purchaser and accordingly shall not collect any amount separately by way of lump-sum or tax .
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